A miracle!

Look what I had on my spoon at lunch today - ain't that amazing? If you just think hard enough of something, it becomes reality, I guess...

Merry Christmas.


web 2.0 is takin' over...

a quick recommendation for you guys: streetfiles.org !

if you don't know it yet: it's a pretty rad archive of literally thousands and thousands of graffiti/streetart photographs. with some really amazing work from all over the world.
it's run by Mr ESHER himself...

yes! finally a myspace just for graffiti writers! make sure to check the profiles of people like TVRBO, ZBioK and many others...


act positive!

follow up to the workshops we gave a little time ago.

good to see so many dedicated kids.

we just wonder: what the hell is this one guy up to - the one standing like a metre in front of the "A" in "AIDS"?!


Baby, I got your money. Don't you worry.

As we told you here before, we're taking part in a group exhibition at the PRETTY PORTAL called URBAN EXPO, here in Düsseldorf. The vernissage has passed, but the show is still running - why don't you go see it? December 23 will be you last chance. No presents if you don't.

Hannes Domdey took some nice pictures at the vernissage. You can see them here.



As promised: Here are some pictures from the vernissage of ZIMMER 13.

Hopefully you got it all clear now with the THIRTEEN! Well, to be honest - we still don't.

As if the thirteen itself wouldn't have been scary enough, the rain that came pouring down that evening made us wanting to call Noah. Almost. ("Baby, I make it flood - now you gon' need a boat!") The freezing cold inside the ZIMMER did the rest. Heater, R.I. HELL!

Thanks to everybody who made it out there.

A few flix were taken by Bo - thank you, Bo!


dancing with the white devil...

a painting job done for a product presentation party of a fairly known tabacco company.
they presented their "WHITE EDITION" and turned on the blacklight at some point during the night...

and then... pure magic! WOW! amazing!



While we're getting together and sorting out pictures from ZIMMER 13...

Here are finally some flix from a job we did in late september. It was this fashion trade fair with the imaginitive title DESIGN ATTACK. it's a young designers' trade show on the GDS, this huge and "international event for shoes and accessories". The theme was called "SOUL EXPRESS" and it was time to get down, get down!

We contributed quite a bit. We put together the concept. We did logos, flyers, stationary, posters, shirts. And as you can see on the pictures we took care of some decoration in the exhibition hall as well.

Some funny characters came out for sure. And it's always funny to think about where this little game brings you to...


come into the ZIMMER 13!

In the planes of Ryanair and Continental Airlines the seat rows with the number 13 are missing. In the Formula One no racing car bears the 13. In the ICEs, the German high speed trains, there are no coaches with the number 13. The Ronald Reagan Washington Airport has no Gate 13 in terminal B. What's up with that?!

Come and try to find some answers at this exhibition, which one of us has put together all by himself..

The vernissage: Dec. 5, 2008, 19 hrs.
The show is open daily until Dec. 10, from 17-21 hrs.

Kronprinzenstr. 126, Düsseldorf-Unterbilk.

Our boys paracetaMOLE and Rearview Radio are spinning their records at the vernissage. There will be photos by Alex Wurm as well.

(A note to everybody who got a hold on a paper flyer: Der Fehlerteufel schleicht sich in die besten Gängs ein. Kronprinzenstr. 126! Nicht 214.)