we've been busy. busy with giving workshops, for example.
like this one yesterday in wuppertal. and there are more to come.


prepare fo' FINSTA !!!

FINSTA is comin' to town!

Stockholm's finest and - we have to admit - one of our favourites has a show at Nina's gallery: "Dots and Lines".

The opening is this Saturday, May 30, starting at 20:00 hrs.

This is a must go, must see!

If you don't know his work yet, make sure to check out his website: www.finstafari.com

More info about the exhibition and the gallery on Nina's (new!) website: ninasagt.de

By the way: Our man REARVIEW RADIO will be spinning records. Another reason to come.


our A's don't shave...

after finishing the paint job we had to do today we felt like making a quick visit to the nearby hall of fame.

feels like summer.


foreign viewing...

after being quiet for sooo long we at least have this quick recommendation for you:
"foreign view - urban photography"

our boy CezarADrianfiLip is participating in this photo exhibition at the ForumFreiesTheater in düsseldorf. tonite! more info here: www.nacht-der-museen.de

remember: we did the job there last year with our little experiment UMGESTALTUNG//schwarzweiss.
is it been a year already? time flies.