'THE PLEASURES' feat. alex wurm
- the vernissage!

the pleasure gäng organized a nice little exhibition in december 2007.
here are some pictures from the vernissage - it was wild!

'THE PLEASURES' feat. alex wurm
- the flyer!

we did a spankin' flyer for our exhibition in december 2007.
some might say: whooha! we just say: it's going down.


commercial gäng

street. ghetto. graffiti.
broken glass, everywhere.

[commercial product photography with street credibility. found in the world wide wet.]


pleasure armworks

tshirt print for us.
you want one?
send us a loveletter.
price: just 20 EUR!


printing MAL MAN...
it's all handmade.
with love.

fresh shirt design for our man MAL MAN...
as seen on last weekend's GDS trade show!
the chinese spies took pictures.
yeah! okay!


we be rollin'...