block party.

while you are desperately waiting to finally see all the flix from our latest exhibition we decided to feed you slowly, piece by piece.

here are some impressions of what was going down outside the gallery. did we make the visitors' record? we sure set the noise record and were able to enjoy a nice blue lights flashing show. they told us to go inside and be quiet, which is what everybody did, of course. whispering and sippin' tea throughout the night. you bet.

the gallery is open from monday til friday, from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs.
the show is running until the 1st of august, 2008.

thanx to bo for most of the flix.


we wrote history.

it was wild. it was full.
it was awesome. thanks to everybody that was there. and you poor neighbours: we're so sorry.

check back soon for full documentation of the vernissage and exhibition itself.



Time has come. We hope to see you tonite!

(See previous post for more detail.)

If you have two broken legs or another good reason that makes it impossible for you to attend: Please check back here soon as we will post a whole lotta pictures from the vernissage in a few days.



Girls and boys: Everybody is invited!

We are proud to present our upcoming full blown exhibition with the title:

(The title's incomparable wit defies translation: a wordplay inbetween WE WRITE HISTORY and WE WRITE (a) STORY - all clear?!)

The vernissage:
June 27, 2007.
19 hs.
Pretty Portal Gallery.
Brunnenstrasse 12.
40223 Düsseldorf-Bilk
European Union.

The show runs until the 1st of August, 2008. You'd be a fool if you miss it.

The Pretty Portal Gallery has dedicated itself to artists that originate from a street background but seriously take the game some steps further than the flock of sheep. The roster of artists that already have shown their work at the gallery include the acclaimed SMASH137, ruedione (both Montana Writer Team), Suki Bamboo and DUST. We are happy to show our stuff there as well.


bathroom, restroom, lavatory, privy? toilet.

here you go. we painted this little privy at the PRETTY VACANT club in our hometown.
heat, four sweaty guys, no window, no space, paint fumes, lots of beer. what an experience.
this is the result.
stay clean!


THE PLEASURES: ON TOUR and on the toilet.

yesterday night, at the pretty vacant club in düsseldorf: we showed a nice little series of tour posters for the great PLEASURES. and presented the freshly painted club toilets to the public. well, just the gentlemen's. girlz will just have to wait a little more.

it was full, it was sticky, it was hot.

to those who were there: thank you all for coming in such great numbers and giving us such a positive feedback.

our thanks go out to christina (lucky strike) and alex (pretty vacant)!

and to our DJ ROY ORBIT!

and: happy birthday, mr. wurm!