A miracle!

Look what I had on my spoon at lunch today - ain't that amazing? If you just think hard enough of something, it becomes reality, I guess...

Merry Christmas.


web 2.0 is takin' over...

a quick recommendation for you guys: streetfiles.org !

if you don't know it yet: it's a pretty rad archive of literally thousands and thousands of graffiti/streetart photographs. with some really amazing work from all over the world.
it's run by Mr ESHER himself...

yes! finally a myspace just for graffiti writers! make sure to check the profiles of people like TVRBO, ZBioK and many others...


act positive!

follow up to the workshops we gave a little time ago.

good to see so many dedicated kids.

we just wonder: what the hell is this one guy up to - the one standing like a metre in front of the "A" in "AIDS"?!


Baby, I got your money. Don't you worry.

As we told you here before, we're taking part in a group exhibition at the PRETTY PORTAL called URBAN EXPO, here in Düsseldorf. The vernissage has passed, but the show is still running - why don't you go see it? December 23 will be you last chance. No presents if you don't.

Hannes Domdey took some nice pictures at the vernissage. You can see them here.



As promised: Here are some pictures from the vernissage of ZIMMER 13.

Hopefully you got it all clear now with the THIRTEEN! Well, to be honest - we still don't.

As if the thirteen itself wouldn't have been scary enough, the rain that came pouring down that evening made us wanting to call Noah. Almost. ("Baby, I make it flood - now you gon' need a boat!") The freezing cold inside the ZIMMER did the rest. Heater, R.I. HELL!

Thanks to everybody who made it out there.

A few flix were taken by Bo - thank you, Bo!


dancing with the white devil...

a painting job done for a product presentation party of a fairly known tabacco company.
they presented their "WHITE EDITION" and turned on the blacklight at some point during the night...

and then... pure magic! WOW! amazing!



While we're getting together and sorting out pictures from ZIMMER 13...

Here are finally some flix from a job we did in late september. It was this fashion trade fair with the imaginitive title DESIGN ATTACK. it's a young designers' trade show on the GDS, this huge and "international event for shoes and accessories". The theme was called "SOUL EXPRESS" and it was time to get down, get down!

We contributed quite a bit. We put together the concept. We did logos, flyers, stationary, posters, shirts. And as you can see on the pictures we took care of some decoration in the exhibition hall as well.

Some funny characters came out for sure. And it's always funny to think about where this little game brings you to...


come into the ZIMMER 13!

In the planes of Ryanair and Continental Airlines the seat rows with the number 13 are missing. In the Formula One no racing car bears the 13. In the ICEs, the German high speed trains, there are no coaches with the number 13. The Ronald Reagan Washington Airport has no Gate 13 in terminal B. What's up with that?!

Come and try to find some answers at this exhibition, which one of us has put together all by himself..

The vernissage: Dec. 5, 2008, 19 hrs.
The show is open daily until Dec. 10, from 17-21 hrs.

Kronprinzenstr. 126, Düsseldorf-Unterbilk.

Our boys paracetaMOLE and Rearview Radio are spinning their records at the vernissage. There will be photos by Alex Wurm as well.

(A note to everybody who got a hold on a paper flyer: Der Fehlerteufel schleicht sich in die besten Gängs ein. Kronprinzenstr. 126! Nicht 214.)


the SURFACES have surfaced!

out now: >SURFACES - reviewing düsseldorf<.
compiled and published by surfaces T&C. not by us.
more than 300 pages filled to the brim with graffiti from DÜSSELDORF.
strictly limited to just one hundred copies!
available only at Supreme Store/Wehrhahn 96.

included: a fresh PLEASURE GÄNG retrospective.

check the SURFACES blog for more pictures.


urbanity exposed!

we're taking part in a group exhibition at the notorious PRETTY PORTAL with the imaginative title "URBAN EXPO".

alongside a roster of quite renowned other artists, as the flyer tells you.

we did a few new pieces especially for the show, so don't miss 'em!

the show opens up this friday, November 28 at 19:00.
and it runs until December 23, 2008.

Brunnenstrasse 12
40223 Düsseldorf-Bilk.
Germany in the EU.


glow in the dark gäng!

we painted the infamous HOTEL SHANGHAI in Essen this weekend.

as you can see: we used magical colors. they glow in the dark! unbelievable!


platinum pleasure! work in progress...

you remember CLAY PLEASURE?

well, Mr. Karstiess is an alchemist and turned that clay into platinum!

here a few impressions of Mr. Karstiess' work in progress in Wettersstrasse, Düsseldorf-Flingern.

just don't tag on that wall. please.


safe sex!

we gave two little graffiti workshops this weekend, at a youth conference of Kindernothilfe on AIDS.

the kids had fun, we had fun, Petrus was merciful. it's really getting cold though.


cruisin' and hustlin'...

a paint job done a while ago in a store for young fashion.


new shirts!

we've got some new shirts in our shop.
check them out!

all shirts are handprinted by ourselves on finest American Apparel-blanks in the DRUCKBAR.

all colors, all sizes available. girlies and regulars.

price: just 29 EUR. [plus shipping]

drop us a line if you're interested:
info (ät) pleasuregang.com


sneak preview: the book of SURFACES!

out soon: >SURFACES - reviewing düsseldorf<.
compiled and published by surfaces T&C.
more than 300 pages filled to the brim with graffiti from DÜSSELDORF.
strictly limited to just one hundred copies. out on the 1st of december.
available only at Supreme Store/Wehrhahn 96.

included: a fresh PLEASURE GÄNG retrospective.

here a few "making of"- impressions. photos were taken by tim himself.


you call it: CLAY PLEASURE!

...who said that we couldn't make some decent pottery?!

with us in the china shop: Mr. CLÖM from the youcallit's and Mr. HOODRICH from the druckbar.

on generous invitation by Markus Karstiess.

watch out for the plates being put up in the Wetterstraße in Düsseldorf-Flingern. soon.


We are Paul G!

Some impressions from the recent vernissage of "WOHER KOMMEN WIR? WAS SIND WIR? WOHIN GEHEN WIR?" (Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?).

The show is still running!

Make sure to go see it until November 1, 2008.
Arteversum Gallery, Jahnstr. 71, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany.


we are exhibitionists!

well, you really need to pay our good ol' website a visit.
not only because it's so captivating with its stunning flashy graffix and all the stuff that's already been up there but especially because our webmaster dedicated another day livin' compiling what will be known as the ultimate PLEASURE ARCHIVES.

you can find a super-comprehensive list of all our exhibitions so far with all the pictures, flyers and locations. wow. brilliant. just splendid. please, go have a look.

thank you very much, Mr C.!

by the way: there is lot more on that site as well.

(and no, I don't have a mac. sorry about that.)


jump the fence!

as we suggested before we took care of this fall's DESIGN ATTACK at the GDS trade fair in Düsseldorf. the motto was SOUL TRAIN. and yes, we gave them some soul trains. feels (almost) like hittin' it up with ZEPH and LEE.

more flix soon.


DIY: make-ur-diamond!

hello children,

today we're gonna make ourselves a diamond!
now, everybody: fold! polish! fold! polish! fold! polish! fold! polish!

and voilá!

(the pleasure gäng recommends investing in diamonds. in these turbulent times, when governments are burning all the tax money they can possibly get a hold of: if there is one crisis-proof investment, it has to be a nice and shiny diamond. if everything falls apart, you can still look at it. please, just avoid them blood diamonds from Angola, Liberia, the Congo or the Côte d'Ivoire though.)


one, two, step up!

after weeks and weeks of pure tranquility here: finally a sign of life! and well, what a funky one...

of course we haven't been sleepin' all this time, jsut so you can look forward to some very fresh new stuff from the infamous pleasure gäng right here. soon.

["dancin' A-FRO", 2008, free work, defying the wet and cold fall]


ridin' on the SOUL EXPRESS!

The next big thing is already coming up!

We were pretty involved in this fall's DESIGN ATTACK. It's a young designers' trade show on the GDS, this huge and "international event for shoes and accessories".

We gave 'em the whole package. We did the concept. We did logos, flyers, stationary, posters, shirts. We took care of the whole decoration in the exhibition hall.

Of course: We will be present at the trade show as well. We'll have some extraordinary live painting and live T-Shirt printing at our stand - together with the DRUCKBAR.

Hall 3, G01-42.
Messe Düsseldorf, Germany.

The trade fair is on the upcoming weekend: September 12 to 14, daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

Come visit us at the DESIGN ATTCK and ride the soul express wit' us!

[more pictures soon, of course.]



please make sure to see this gig. our friends from the PIPELINECLUB are finally releasing their new EP with the on-point title "180°".

we contributed some little illustrations to the cover artwork. (that's why our logo is on the flyer and record.) the main load of the work was done by the infamous MR CLÖM of YOUCALLIT, our partners in crime on various occasions.



that is true: this awesome photo exhibition ends tomorrow, but we still would like to recommend it to you.
it's featuring our good friends Alex Wurm and Matthäus Walotek.


where from? what? where to? being confused.

We are taking part in a big group exhibition with the title:
"WOHER KOMMEN WIR? WAS SIND WIR? WOHIN GEHEN WIR?" (Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?).
"26 zeitgenössische Positionen zu dem Gemälde von Paul Gauguin, Tahiti 1898" (26 contemporary positions on the painting by Paul Gauguin, Tahiti 1898).

For this project we closely worked together with our friend Sarah Schleich. Check out her new site here. Thanks for putting up with us, Sarah!

Well, some facts:

The exhibition runs from September 9 to November 1, 2008.
Arteversum Gallery, Jahnstr. 71, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany.

The opening will be on Sunday, September 7, 2008. 11:00 till 15:00 hrs.

Check the flyer below.

We hope to see you there.


putting spraycans into the hands of innocent children.

we spent part of this wonderful late summer weekend in the city centre of dortmund, assisting kids and teens to draw their first lines with a spraycan.

pheew, we never painted so many hearts and sunsets on one day before. actually, we rareley paint hearts and sunsets at all. it was fun though.


in the meantime...

while we are superbusy workin' on some pretty exciting new projects...
here a little animation of a paint job we did last summer at a hairdressers in our hometown.


still writin'...

check out this gallery with some nice flix from the opening of our exhibition "WIR SCHREIBEN GESCHICHTE" at the PRETTY PORTAL in june...
please click HERE!

hannes took these pictures. thank you, hannes!


radio makes the internet stars...

check out this little feature about our recent exhibition that was broadcasted by the our hometown's number one radiostation EINSLIVE. it's all in german though, and there is nothing to hear, but you can read the whole thing. and it has pictures, which is kinda hard for a radio to transmit anyway.
click HERE.

and yes: that's our white asses jumpin' on top of the page. got a problem with that?


brave new world?!

one way to go, one place to be. it's like a suburb sometimes.

no pencil scribbles needed. urban imagination fresh out of the digital box.



Check out this contest, comin' up in late august. Info is all in German, no translation needed this time.

"VdS Graffiti Canvas Contest 2008 - Jetzt bewerben!

Bereits zum achten Mal veranstaltet VdS den Graffiti-Wettbewerb. Bis zu 24 Graffiti-Sprayer können am 06. September 2008 auf dem Gelände von VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, Amsterdamer Str. 174, 50735 Köln ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf lassen. Auf den gestellten Leinwänden (1,6 m mal 2,0 m) müssen die Künstler mit der Sprühdose innerhalb von drei Stunden ihre Kunstwerke fertig gestellt haben. Farben sind mitzubringen. Der Wettbewerb startet um 11.00 Uhr. Die 12 besten Arbeiten werden mit Geldpreisen honoriert und auf dem "VdS-Kunstkalender 2009" veröffentlicht. Infos zu vorherigen Wettbewerben und zur Anmeldung findet Ihr auch unter www.vds.de/gcc.

Bewerbungen anhand von Fotos, Skizzen etc. an:
VdS Schadenverhütung, z.H. Lars Braun, Stichwort "GCC 2008"
oder per E-Mail an gcc@vds.de (Anmeldefrist: bis 25. August 2008)."

We didn't do the flyer, by the way. As you can see.



In the tradition of Georges Braque and Pablo P.:
Postmodern Cubism as we roll it.

Free work.


better watch out!

"what you gonna do when the gäng comes for you?!"

by the way: this could be seen as a sequel to this here. looks like it's growing into a nice little series.


put on your 3D-glasses!

the pleasuregang is kidnappin' you into its funky-dimensional realm!

stylin' it up freely.


people and GESCHICHTE.

so many people came.
thank you all! it was awesome.

the gallery is open from monday til friday, from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs.
the show is running until the 1st of august, 2008.

thanx to bo for most of the flix. miss kira cut's pix are still missing.



yes, there was a little preparation work involved.

the gallery is open from monday til friday, from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs.
the show is running until the 1st of august, 2008. make sure you go see it.

thanx to miss kira cut for the greater part of these photos.


block party.

while you are desperately waiting to finally see all the flix from our latest exhibition we decided to feed you slowly, piece by piece.

here are some impressions of what was going down outside the gallery. did we make the visitors' record? we sure set the noise record and were able to enjoy a nice blue lights flashing show. they told us to go inside and be quiet, which is what everybody did, of course. whispering and sippin' tea throughout the night. you bet.

the gallery is open from monday til friday, from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs.
the show is running until the 1st of august, 2008.

thanx to bo for most of the flix.


we wrote history.

it was wild. it was full.
it was awesome. thanks to everybody that was there. and you poor neighbours: we're so sorry.

check back soon for full documentation of the vernissage and exhibition itself.



Time has come. We hope to see you tonite!

(See previous post for more detail.)

If you have two broken legs or another good reason that makes it impossible for you to attend: Please check back here soon as we will post a whole lotta pictures from the vernissage in a few days.



Girls and boys: Everybody is invited!

We are proud to present our upcoming full blown exhibition with the title:

(The title's incomparable wit defies translation: a wordplay inbetween WE WRITE HISTORY and WE WRITE (a) STORY - all clear?!)

The vernissage:
June 27, 2007.
19 hs.
Pretty Portal Gallery.
Brunnenstrasse 12.
40223 Düsseldorf-Bilk
European Union.

The show runs until the 1st of August, 2008. You'd be a fool if you miss it.

The Pretty Portal Gallery has dedicated itself to artists that originate from a street background but seriously take the game some steps further than the flock of sheep. The roster of artists that already have shown their work at the gallery include the acclaimed SMASH137, ruedione (both Montana Writer Team), Suki Bamboo and DUST. We are happy to show our stuff there as well.


bathroom, restroom, lavatory, privy? toilet.

here you go. we painted this little privy at the PRETTY VACANT club in our hometown.
heat, four sweaty guys, no window, no space, paint fumes, lots of beer. what an experience.
this is the result.
stay clean!


THE PLEASURES: ON TOUR and on the toilet.

yesterday night, at the pretty vacant club in düsseldorf: we showed a nice little series of tour posters for the great PLEASURES. and presented the freshly painted club toilets to the public. well, just the gentlemen's. girlz will just have to wait a little more.

it was full, it was sticky, it was hot.

to those who were there: thank you all for coming in such great numbers and giving us such a positive feedback.

our thanks go out to christina (lucky strike) and alex (pretty vacant)!

and to our DJ ROY ORBIT!

and: happy birthday, mr. wurm!


Our next exhibition: ON TOUR!

our super rock 'n roll show is going to hit the stage.


A club toilet micro exhibition by


June 4, 2008. 21 hrs.

PRETTY VACANT. Mertensgasse 8. Düsseldorf-Altstadt. Germany. Europe.

Free Entry.


the kids are alright.

we did this logo for a day-care centre last year.

grey shade: floor plan.
colored circles: warmth, creativity, diversity.



feeling like yeah! working freely.



you want to be like roy orbit.

final logo and work in progress for the DJ ROY ORBIT [Musicsupervisor | Elektropalaver Rec.].


loooosing with style.

foooling around with vectors. and orthography.