come into the ZIMMER 13!

In the planes of Ryanair and Continental Airlines the seat rows with the number 13 are missing. In the Formula One no racing car bears the 13. In the ICEs, the German high speed trains, there are no coaches with the number 13. The Ronald Reagan Washington Airport has no Gate 13 in terminal B. What's up with that?!

Come and try to find some answers at this exhibition, which one of us has put together all by himself..

The vernissage: Dec. 5, 2008, 19 hrs.
The show is open daily until Dec. 10, from 17-21 hrs.

Kronprinzenstr. 126, Düsseldorf-Unterbilk.

Our boys paracetaMOLE and Rearview Radio are spinning their records at the vernissage. There will be photos by Alex Wurm as well.

(A note to everybody who got a hold on a paper flyer: Der Fehlerteufel schleicht sich in die besten Gängs ein. Kronprinzenstr. 126! Nicht 214.)