you are invited!

just en passent - we did this little invitation card for a 50th birthday.
folds in the middle, its going to be 'DIN lang' format (210 mm x 105 mm) when folded.

you see the colors? you smell the spring? there is still hope.


up and down, up and down...

as a true pleasure boy, you're going to have ups and downs in your life. that's just the way it is:
pleasure and pain.

[free work.]


trading! showing! GDS!

we presented ourselves at this spring's
DESIGN ATTACK on the superinternational trade show GDS/GLS in düsseldorf/germany. fancy fashion, free drinks!


we play with adhesive foil like musicians with their instruments...

THE PLEASURES! the super band on tour! with their super band bus! super soon! maybe.

[yes, we painted the bus. yes, we did the logos. yes, we actually put them in the car. yes, you can look at some pictures of this great event here.]


drink tee, buy shirt!

it's tee-time, baby. but easy this time.

we did the flyer and poster for this spanking underground fashion trade show in düsseldorf.

going down this saturday, march 8, 13.oo to 19.00 h.
going by the name of 'coffee and tee (shirts)'.