time has come...

... for our next exhibition. the title: UMGESTALTUNG//schwarzweiss.
(which means something like REARRANGEMENT//blackwhite.)

when: april 19, 2008. 22 til 01 hrs.
where: ForumFreiesTheater, Jahnstr. 3 in Düsseldorf, Germany (Map here).
who: THE PLEASURE GÄNG with our good friends from YOUCALLIT.
who else: the fabulous JANTRONIX SCHULTE and REARVIEW RADIO will be spinning records.

err, exhibition? we'll be painting live! for everyone to watch.
it will be a night packed with action: live painting, projections, music, an open end, an experiment. it's not just the final product what counts: let's celebrate the process!

we hope that we'll see you there.

for those who can't be there or want to see the whole thing, again and again: we'll put full blown coverage of the event here! (fotos. and videos.) there is some stuff there already.

and yes: we did the logo for the event.