time has come...

... for our next exhibition. the title: UMGESTALTUNG//schwarzweiss.
(which means something like REARRANGEMENT//blackwhite.)

when: april 19, 2008. 22 til 01 hrs.
where: ForumFreiesTheater, Jahnstr. 3 in Düsseldorf, Germany (Map here).
who: THE PLEASURE GÄNG with our good friends from YOUCALLIT.
who else: the fabulous JANTRONIX SCHULTE and REARVIEW RADIO will be spinning records.

err, exhibition? we'll be painting live! for everyone to watch.
it will be a night packed with action: live painting, projections, music, an open end, an experiment. it's not just the final product what counts: let's celebrate the process!

we hope that we'll see you there.

for those who can't be there or want to see the whole thing, again and again: we'll put full blown coverage of the event here! (fotos. and videos.) there is some stuff there already.

and yes: we did the logo for the event.


from scratch to product.

a little study on an idea for a shirt print.
and the final product that came out of it.
printed at the DRUCKBAR, of course.


one leg is not enough!

our recommendation for this upcoming friday: an exhibition by 44 FLAVOURS, hosted by ninasagt.


fashion victims

we did this illustrated banner for the streetfashion blog
MODEDORF, documenting finest street styles and the looks of hopeless fashion victims from our hometown düsseldorf.

and yes: we're victims, too.