We'll dance with the alpin queens...

Attack! El Design! Attack!

We're pretty deeply involved in the whole look of this spring's DESIGN ATTACK trade fair at the MESSE DÜSSELDORF.

The whole thing is running under the motto "QUEEN ALPIN" and we've been busy doing logos, flyers, posters, stationary and especially the decoration of the exhibition hall. The British capital is in the Alps now. Sorry.

Come visit us at our stand in HALLE 3 and get your free gift from us! We we'll be close to the stage, right next to the Pub. The ski ride starts Friday 13 and runs til Sunday 15.
Just write us an e-mail if you need free entrance: info [ät] pleasuregang dot com
We'll hook you up.

Furthermore: There is gonna be a huge opening pary on friday evening, 19:00 hrs. Free drinks, music, super hot fashion gals and geezers.

Let us know again if you wanna get in for free. Check the flyer below.

(Freier Messe-Eintritt? Freigetränke? Party? Bitte eine Mail an uns: info [ät] pleasuregang punkt com)